A Blue Christmas For Republicans As Wisconsin Supreme Court Throws Out Gerrymandered Map

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Democrats got a huge early Christmas present in Wisconsin as the state supreme court ruled that the legislative map drawn by Republicans was unconstitutional and a new map must be drawn before the 2024 election.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported:

The Wisconsin Supreme Court on Friday ordered the Republican-controlled state Legislature to draw new legislative boundaries ahead of the 2024 election, arguing their GOP advantage is unconstitutional — delivering a long-sought win for Democrats who have stayed deep in the Legislature’s minority for more than a decade.

The court in a 4-3 decision said the court is also prepared to replace the state’s heavily gerrymandered maps if the Legislature and Democratic governor cannot agree on a new plan.

Wisconsin currently has a Democratic governor and a liberal majority on the state supreme court. The legislature has been heavily gerrymandered to keep Democrats buried in the minority even though Wisconsin is a purple state where elections are closely contested.

The legislature is the last Republican stronghold of power in Wisconsin, and a new fair map is likely to end the GOP domination of the legislature. Republicans currently control the state senate 22-11, and the state assembly 64-35. The biggest winners in the Supreme Court decision are the people of Wisconsin, who will finally get a legislature that will reflect and represent the population.

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