Adam Schiff Sees Signs That DOJ Is Moving On Trump Coup Plotters

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Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) sees signs in the recent court activity that the Department of Justice has advanced their investigation toward Trump coup plotters.


Rep. Schiff said in Inside with Jen Psaki:

You know, the bringing in of these fake electors, some of whom apparently have been given immunity for their testimony, certainly signals progress in the investigation. What may be more telling about what state the investigation is, bring in people like Mike Pence or Mark Meadows or others, like Steve Bannon, really the top of this scheme. The justice department moved to go after the foot soldiers who broke into the Capitol and assaulted police officers. But they have taken a very long time to go after the organizers of this insurrection. But now, they apparently are, and this may signal that we are much more closer to the end of this investigation. And I hope that is true, because, you know, this case needs to be brought to a determination one way or another.

The one thing that has been learned after the Jack Smith indictment of Trump is that the Special Counsel is not going to give anybody a free pass, so if the investigation has enough evidence to indict the coup plotters, Jack Smith doesn’t seem like the type who will hesitate to pull the trigger.

Rep. Schiff is a former prosecutor who has in the past been critical of the DOJ for the lack of speed in bringing charges related to Trump’s attempted coup and the 1/6 attack.

The Democratic California Senate candidate has not been a DOJ apologist, so if he sees signals that lead him to think that the Trump coup investigation is moving forward, his impressions should be taken seriously,

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