Tuesday, April 16, 2024

All Hell Breaks Loose On CNN As Lindsey Graham Rages After Abortion Fact Check

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Sen. Lindsey Graham lost it after CNN’s Dana Bash offered a quick fact check of his false statements on the Democratic position on abortion. Bash responded by raising her voice at Graham.


After lying for several minutes about Democrats supporting abortion up until the moment of birth, abortion on demand, and late term abortion. CNN’s Dana Bash said, “Just to button this up. “Just for the record, Roe went up to viability.”

A single very true statement set Sen. Graham off, “The media. you know, you keep covering for these guys had no no, no. You’re media. You keep covering these guys. They introduced legislation that allowed abortion on demand with taxpayer funded. You paying for it? The taxpayer up to the moment of birth. That was their position in Washington. That’s the law. They want to pass, and nobody in your business will talk about it. It’s barbaric. ”

Bash said, “Senator. Uh, I’m not covering for anybody, and you know that, and when I have Democrats on, and I’ve had many of them on, I ask all of them about their positions on abortion.”

Graham tried to yell over Bash again, so Bash raised her voice and said, “My question to you, sir, and she asked Graham if he agreed with Trump that this should be a states’ issue.”

As soon as Lindsey Graham was caught in a series of lies on abortion, he immediately pivoted to trying to change the subject by attacking the person asking the question.

Republicans can’t debate the facts on abortion because their position is wildly unpopular with the bulk of the nation, so they resort to lies, half-truths, and distortions.

Lindsey Graham got called out on his abortion lies with a single fact, so he did the interview equivalent of turning the table upside down in faux outrage.

Graham keeps getting Republicans into trouble by claiming that they can win elections on abortion when he can’t factually and accurately explain his position on the issue.

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