Biden Blasts Trump’s Plan To Impose A National Abortion Ban Without Congress Or The Courts

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The Biden-Harris campaign called out the proposed plan to have Donald Trump unilaterally impose a national abortion ban if he returns to the White House.

NOTUS reported on the conservative plan:

Anti-abortion activists have their eyes on a bigger prize: If former President Donald Trump wins a second term in the White House, they hope and expect that he’ll effectively ban abortions throughout the United States by prohibiting the shipment not just of abortion drugs, but any tools doctors could use to induce an abortion.

They’re pinning their hopes on the Comstock Act, a series of laws enacted in 1873 that prohibit the shipment of “every article or thing designed, adapted or intended for producing abortion.” The law was essentially unenforceable during the Roe era, but a federal judge in Texas ruled in 2023 that the Comstock Act prohibits the shipment of the two drugs used in more than half of all abortions today.

Such an enforcement of Comstock would ban anything used to perform an abortion. Equipment and medication would no longer be shipped through the mail. Trump could unilaterally impose a national abortion ban without Congress or the courts doing a thing.

Biden campaign spokesperson Shea Necheles responded in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA, “Every day, Donald Trump and his allies are clearly laying out their dangerous plan to inflict more medical chaos and cruelty on women across this country. Overturning Roe wasn’t enough; now they are running to ban abortion nationwide, with or without Congress. But voters have also been clear: they will not stand for Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans’ attacks on their reproductive rights. This November will be no different.”

The far-right is looking for ways to sidestep democracy to implement their unpopular agenda. When a Republican says they won’t vote for a national abortion ban what they are leaving out is that they might not have to because Donald Trump will do it for them.

Democracy and basic human rights are on the ballot in 2024 and the American people need to vote accordingly.

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