Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Biden Campaign Rips Trump For Bailing On Debate

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The Biden-Harris campaign put out a strong statement expressing the belief that Trump is afraid to go to Wisconsin because it would highlight his failed leadership.

Biden For President spokesperson Kevin Munoz said in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA, “Of course Donald Trump wants to avoid appearing in Wisconsin because he knows Wisconsin is a state that illustrates his failed leadership. Just this week, Foxconn announced another move out of the state. Wisconsinites soundly rejected his ongoing efforts to ban abortion in the state’s Supreme Court election earlier this year. He cannot hide from the fact that Wisconsinites rejected him in 2020, and will reject the MAGA agenda again in 2024.”

Trump has a lot of reasons not to want to show up in Wisconsin. Foxconn ended up being a total debacle. Former Gov. Scott Walker and Trump gave Foxconn a combined $4.5 billion in state and federal taxpayer money, and the manufacturing jobs that were promised never showed up.

This week Foxconn announced that they are selling their buildings in Green Bay that were promised to innovation centers that would create hundreds of jobs.

The Biden campaign asked a good question. Why is Donald Trump afraid to debate? Trump was a total failure as president, and his record was one of literal death and economic destruction, but why won’t Trump face the voters? 

What is he so afraid of?

The American people deserve a president who is successful and will also show up. That person is not Donald Trump.

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