Biden Confirms That Dark Brandon Is Real At Fundraiser With Clinton And Obama

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President Biden confirmed that Dark Brandon is real during a fundraiser with former presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.


LOL!!! At the end of the Biden, Obama, Clinton fundraiser, President Biden confirmed the existence of Dark Brandon saying “By the way, Dark Brandon is REAL!”

— Harry Sisson (@harryjsisson) March 29, 2024

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Before the record setting fundraiser, the three presidents taped a podcast episode for the Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes podcast Smartless:


Today, President Biden, and former Presidents Obama and Clinton appeared together on the @SmartLess podcast with co-hosts Jason Bateman, @SeanHayes, and @arnettwill

— Yashar Ali 🐘 (@yashar) March 28, 2024

Stephen Colbert was on hand at the fundraiser to moderate a panel discussion with the three presidents, as by the looks of things it was a special night that also raised more money than Trump raised in the past month, or the RNC has raised all year.

Dark Brandon is real, and Donald Trump is finding out exactly what Dark Brandon can do in a general election campaign.

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