Biden Is Getting 80% Of The Vote In Michigan But The New York Times Praises Trump

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President Joe Biden demonstrated that he is the stronger general election candidate, but The New York Times praises Trump.

Joe Biden is just a tick under 80% support in Michigan currently. Donald Trump is at 66% of the vote in the Republican primary, but this is how The New York Times framed it:

Biden won by 75 points. Trump won by 35 points.

Yet here is how the New York Times frames it.

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— Christopher Hale (@chrisjollyhale) February 28, 2024

Not to be left out, The Washington Post had its own slanted coverage:

Trump gets 60 percent or less in most primaries and his wins are called “crushing.”

Biden now at 80 percent and…

— TVMoJoe (@TVMoJoe) February 28, 2024

Biden gets 80% of the vote, and the conversation is about the percentage of non-committed voters, which so far is in line with previous elections. Trump does 15%-20% worse than Biden in the same primary on the same day in the same state, and he is hailed as a crushing victor.

Trump should be defeating Haley by even more votes, considering that he just beat her in her home state roughly two days ago. Trump isn’t consolidating the Republican Party around him. There is still roughly 30% of the Republican vote in each state that will not support him.

The bias of the most prominent corporate outlets who are trying too hard to place their fingers on the scale for Trump is impossible to ignore.

At a time when real independent media is fighting for its survival, people who are tired of The Washington Post and the New York Times have a choice.

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