Biden Makes Big Deal to Manufacture Advanced Chips Here in the U.S.

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Shhh… President Joe Biden is radically transforming America.

Almost a decade after he left the White House as Vice President to the man conservatives accused of “radically transforming America” (because he was Black and had a “funny” name), now President Joe Biden is actually transforming America for the better, and yet no one seems to notice.

The Biden-Harris administration is even closer to meeting President Biden’s goal of manufacturing the world’s most advanced chips in the U.S. today. Monday morning, they announced Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company’s (TSMC) $120 billion investment in Arizona, which has both significant economic benefits and national security implications.

Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo told PoliticusUSA during a call with reporters, “For the first time ever, we will be making at scale, the most advanced semiconductor chips on the planet here in the United States of America, by the way with American workers because in the process of expanding to these three massive fabs, TSMC will be creating tens of thousands of high paying jobs. And as you all know, these are the chips that underpin all artificial intelligence, and they are the chips that are necessary components for the technologies that we need to underpin our economy, but frankly, a 21st century military and national security apparatus. The process of making leading edge chips people say is the most technical and sophisticated manufacturing process in human history.”

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According to the Department of Commerce, the project will create 6,000 manufacturing jobs, and 20,000 construction jobs, “After initially announcing two fabs in the U.S., TSMC Arizona is committing to build an additional third fab before the end of the decade. With this proposed funding, TSMC Arizona would be ensuring the formation of a scaled leading-edge cluster in Arizona, creating approximately 6,000 direct manufacturing jobs, more than 20,000 accumulated unique construction jobs, and tens of thousands of indirect jobs in this decade and bringing the most advanced process technology to the United States.”

AI and quantum computing rely on advanced chips that TSMC produces, and these leading edge chips will now be produced here in America. We didn’t produce any of the advanced chips before President Biden’s first term, which lead to supply chain delays during the pandemic.

TSMC is a Taiwanese multinational semiconductor manufacturing and design company, which is notable given that China will find the partnership problematic. When Donald Trump left office, one of his last moves was meant to create a confrontational relationship between China and the U.S..

President Biden said in a statement, “Today, we continue building on that historic progress, with the Department of Commerce announcing a preliminary agreement with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) to support the construction of leading-edge semiconductor manufacturing facilities right here in the United States. Thanks to this investment, TSMC will also build a third chip factory in Phoenix, increasing its total investment in Arizona to $65 billion and creating over 25,000 direct construction and manufacturing jobs, along with thousands of indirect jobs. These facilities will manufacture the most advanced chips in the world, putting us on track to produce 20% of the world’s leading-edge semiconductors by 2030. The agreement also dedicates $50 million of CHIPS funding to training and developing the local workforce, so workers don’t have to leave their hometowns to find good-paying jobs in innovative industries.”

This is the administration’s fifth chips announcement in Biden’s efforts to bringing advanced manufacturing back to U.S. and make America a technology manufacturing powerhouse. Bringing more critical manufacturing to U.S. shores also has the benefits of supply chain security, creating good-paying jobs, and workforce development.

TSMC’s investment is also seen as a critical achievement in President Biden’s commitment to bring leading-edge semiconductor manufacturing to America.

Joe Biden is keeping his promise to bring key manufacturing back to the United States while creating quality jobs for American workers.

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