Biden Obama Team Up For Magical New Video To Promote Obamacare

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President Biden and former President Obama got the band back together for a new video to promote Obamacare signups and vow to protect the law.


Biden reads the question, “Hey, President Biden is Obamacare still a thing?” B

Biden then turns and asks, “Is Obamacare still a thing?”

President Obama answers, “Yes, Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act, Bidencare, whatever you call it – yes, it is still a thing, The other side’s been trying to repeal it every year since it’s existed, but we’ll keep fighting to protect it.”

Biden added, “Not just protect it but expand it, saving millions of dollars for working families. We’re covering more people than ever.”

Obama tells people to learn more.

Biden closes the video by saying, “Yeah, It’s still a BFD.”

Both men laugh and the video ends.

It is very nice to see Obama and Biden team up again.

Trump tap danced on a political landmine when he decided on his own to make repealing Obamacare an issue in the 2024 election. Republicans don’t want to hear or talk about the Affordable Care Act because the issue is a political loser, but Donald Trump dragged them back into it again, because he remains obsessed with trying to erase President Obama’s legacy.

The next time Trump and his former VP Mike Pence appear together, it will be in criminal court, where Pence will be a witness testifying against Trump.

The friendship and affection that Obama and Biden have for each other radiates off of the screen when they are together.

Obama remains beloved and one of the best political assets that Democrats have.

Seeing the two of them back together is an early holiday gift that many Americans are sure to enjoy.

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