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Biden Pounces And Smartly Targets Haley Voters Where Trump Struggled Most

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Last updated on March 31st, 2024 at 12:38 am

In a clever new ad, President Biden made an appeal to Nikki Haley specifically in the states and areas where Trump struggled the most.


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The Clever Strategy Behind The Appeal To Haley Voters

In a statement, the Biden campaign explained their strategy:

Using the recent Republican primary results to determine the ad’s placement, this seven-figure, video-centric ad flight will run for three weeks in eight key battleground states, targeting Nikki Haley voters in predominantly suburban ZIP codes where she performed well against Trump. The ad will run across a wide array of digital platforms including Meta, YouTube, connected TV, and online video.

Donald Trump’s campaign is cash-strapped and bleeding the voters needed to win this election – particularly in the suburbs. Trump has consistently underperformed with moderates and suburban voters in the primaries — losing moderate voters outright to Haley in North Carolina and underperforming in key suburban counties, including Mecklenburg, Wake, Durham and Orange counties. In Michigan, Trump saw his margins in the suburbs dwindle, namely in Oakland and Washtenaw counties near Detroit and Ottawa and Kent counties near Grand Rapids. As Trump loses ground, derides women, and threatens to ban abortion nationwide — Joe Biden is reaching across the aisle to Haley voters, inviting them to join his growing and winning coalition of voters who will decide this election.

It is a very smart strategy that will appeal to voters that Donald Trump keeps saying that he doesn’t want. Trump should want every voter. He lost the election by acting like and his MAGA fans were enough to win and they weren’t. However, Donald Trump has learned nothing, and his making the exact mistake that cost him in 2020.

The 2024 presidential election is looking like a base election that might be decided in swing state suburbs. While Trump prepares for his criminal trial, President Biden is appealing to voting and laying the groundwork for success in November.

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