Thursday, April 18, 2024

Biden Puts Republicans To Shame By Going Beyond Prayers For Hawaii Wildfires

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President Biden spoke about the wildfires that have killed dozens in Hawaii and said that prayers aren’t enough as he offered every resource of the government to Maui.

President Biden said:

I want to say a word about the devastating wildfires that have claimed at least 36 lives in Hawaii. I have we have just approved a major disaster declaration which will get aid in the hands of the desperately, desperately needing help. Now anyone who’s lost a loved one whose home has been damaged or destroyed is going to get help immediately. And I’ve directed that we surge support to these brave firefighters and first responders and emergency personnel working around the clock there, risking their lives. I just got off the phone before got here for a long conversation with Governor Josh Green this morning. Let him know I’m going to make sure the state has everything it needs from the federal government to recover. 

FEMA Sec. Criswell will be in Maui tomorrow. And I’ve directed her to streamline any process and make requests for help and survivors register for federal assistance without delay. A surge in disaster assistance personnel on the island. And they’re going to help survivors get access to federal assistance and an and, you know, anybody who wants to know out there where go if this is televised, they can go to disaster disaster assistance. com to learn if you’re eligible for assistance and I’ve ordered all available federal assets on the island including US Coast Guard, the Navy Third Fleet, the U.S. Army to assist local emergency response crews along with the Hawaiian National  Guard. We’re working as quickly as possible to fight these fires and evacuate residents and tourists. In the meantime, our prayers are with the people of Hawaii, but not just our prayers. Every asset we have will be available to them.

Video of Biden:

The American people don’t need thoughts and prayers. They need a government that can function and do its job when there is a crisis. Republicans see it as their mission to make sure that government does not work. Many of the members of the Republicans have gone from believing in limited government to believing in no government.

Biden displayed what a president is supposed to do. If you are in Hawaii and dealing with a crisis where homes are being destroyed and people are dying, you don’t want to hear about prayers. You want to know that help is on the way, and that is exactly the message that President Biden delivered.

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