Thursday, April 18, 2024

Biden Refuses To Reward Fox News With Super Bowl Interview

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President Biden will not be doing a Super Bowl interview as the White House had no interest in having Biden sit down with a Fox News personality.

Politico reported:

White House officials declined to provide specifics on why their outreach to Fox stopped. Fox’s Bret Baier was viewed as the most likely anchor from the news and conservative opinion network to land the president. Biden sat down in previous years with news anchors from NBC and CBS.

The decision not to have Biden tangle with one of Fox News’ top anchors means the White House was willing to sacrifice a massive pre-game audience on Sunday to which the president could share his message. But it also suggests the White House was unwilling to reward a network that houses prime-time hosts who mercilessly assail the administration and Democrats.

There is a good reason for President Biden not to sit down with Fox. Fox News is a political operation hiding behind a claim of being a news network. Biden would have gotten a massive audience for a Super Bowl interview, but the President shouldn’t legitimize propaganda networks.

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Biden has not done an interview with Fox News during his presidency, and the odds are that most people haven’t noticed.

Fox News isn’t the narrative driving force that it used to be.

Fox is now a megaphone for the right-wing news bubble. It became state television under Donald Trump and has never recovered.

Joe Biden made the right decision by steering clear of Fox News on Super Bowl Sunday.

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