Biden Releases New Devastating Swing State Ad Against Insurrectionist In Chief Trump

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The Biden campaign responded to Trump returning to the Capitol by reminding voters in swing states of his support for the 1/6 insurrectionists.

Watch the ad:

Transcript of the ad:

NARRATOR: On January 6, Donald Trump lit a fire in this country.

REPORTER: One hundred and forty officers were injured. The siege lasted for seven hours.

NARRATOR: Stoking the flames of division and hate. Now he’s pouring gasoline.

TRUMP: “They were unbelievable patriots.”  

NARRATOR: Pledging to pardon the extremists who tried to overthrow our government.

TRUMP: “We will give them pardons.”

NARRATOR: Inciting them to try again. There is nothing more sacred than our democracy. But Donald Trump is ready to burn it all down.

PRESIDENT BIDEN: I’m Joe Biden and I approve this message.

It is a message that is going to be driven home to voters in swing states for the rest of the presidential campaign. Donald Trump and his Republican Party keep trying to rewrite the history of the 1/6 attack for a reason. They know how politically damaging 1/6 is for Trump.

The objective of the Biden campaign is to remind as many swing state voters as possible that Trump is a threat to democracy, but Biden doesn’t need to convince ten percent of undecided voters. Biden only needs to move a few percentage points into his column, and if he does that, he should win enough swing states to become a two-term president.

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