Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Biden Shames Trump And Republicans With 9/11 Message Of Unity And Democracy

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In his speech marking the anniversary of 9/11, President Biden spoke about those who are trying to divide the country while stressing unity and democracy.

The President said:

Remembering what we can do together, to remember what destroyed — what we repaired. What was threatened that we fortified. Attacked and — and an American spirit prevailed. Ordinary Americans responding in extraordinary and unexpected ways. That’s who we are. You are the soul of the nation. That’s not hyperbole. To me that’s a central lesson of September 11th.

Not that we’ll never again falter or face setbacks. For all our flaws and disagreement, there’s nothing we cannot accomplish when we defend with our hearts, which make us unique in the world. Our democracy. Our democracy. Every generation has to fight to preserve it. That’s why the terrorists targeted us in the first place. Our freedom. Our openness. Our institutions. They have failed but we must remain vigilant.

Today we can look across the country and around the world and see anger and fear in places many of you have been stationed before. A rising tide of hatred and extreme and political violence. It’s more than other we come together around the principle of American democracy regardless of our political backgrounds and must not succumb to poisoning politics of division.


We have a duty a responsibility to defend, to preserve, to protect our democracy. And always remember, American democracy is not on some of us but on all of us. American democracy depends on the habits of the heart. The “We the people.” The habits of heart.


Republicans and conservatives have been attacking Biden and trying to use 9/11 to divide America, but the President responded with a powerful message about national strength, unity, and democracy.

Biden is acting like a president, while Republicans and Fox News are using a solemn day of remembrance to try to score cheap partisan political points.

America needs President Biden’s message. America needs to remember that in the darkest times, it doesn’t allow those who wish to divide the nation to tear us apart.

Biden is saying what America needs to hear, and it is also a powerful counter to the extremist hate and division that defines the Republican Party.

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