Biden Slams Trump For Rooting Against America In New Video

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President Biden is out with a new video where he decodes Trump and shows the former president rooting against America.

The video starts with Trump saying at his recent Fox News town hall, Why were you against the House against the Senate border deal, the bipartisan border deal? They allow 5,000 people a week, but a lot of people took it as 5,000 people a day. It made it much better for the opposing side.”

Biden watched the video of Trump and responded, “You know, he just admitted it. He sabotaged our bipartisan deal, a bipartisan deal, to secure the border because it made it much better for the opposing side. You know who the opposing side is? In this case, it’s America. Donald Trump roots against America. Every chance he gets. He’s only in this for himself.”


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They showed me the clip of Donald Trump admitting he sabotaged the bipartisan deal to secure the border.

He’s actively rooting against America every chance he gets.

— Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) February 25, 2024

The video is brutal because it cuts right to the heart of what Trump is doing. Trump’s whole campaign has been rooted in hoping that Biden and the nation fail, so that he can revive his false self-created mythology and ride to the rescue. One of the contrasts that is already structurally president in the 2024 presidential campaign is that the Biden campaign is very active in defining Trump with ads and videos.

Meanwhile, Trump’s cash issues have meant that there has been no mass effort to attract voters. Instead, Trump has spent the primary campaign in court and trying to get Nikki Haley to drop out.

The Biden campaign delivers the message that will define Trump and the election.

The question for voters is, are you for or against America?

Biden’s success in communicating this choice could determine the presidential election’s outcome.

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