Thursday, July 25, 2024

Biden Vows To “Attack, Attack, Attack” Trump

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President Biden said that it is time to turn attention back to Trump and his agenda, and his plan is to “attack, attack, attack” the ex-president.

CNN reported on a Biden call with donors:
During the Q&A portion of the call, Biden fielded a question from a donor about what he needs to do in the second debate – currently scheduled for September 10 – to perform better than he did in the first debate, during which 51 million Americans watched his meandering and low-energy performance.

Biden, dressed in a suit and flanked by an American flag and family photographs, said he would prepare differently for that debate, and would “attack, attack, attack.”

Biden won in 2020 because he and his campaign relentlessly attacked Trump, One of the most jarring things I suspect for Biden supporters was that the President didn’t come prepared to attack. Biden didn’t stop Trump from telling lie after lie until after the debate was well under way. It wasn’t until the abortion questions and Trump’s lies that the President shifted gears and got angry.

Biden will win by attacking Trump and not letting up every single day until all of the votes have been cast. If the President follows through on his vow to relentlessly attack, Democrats will take the advantage back and be in a position to win by November.

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