Saturday, June 22, 2024

C-SPAN Tells Jim Jordan That They Won’t Televise His Alvin Bragg Hearing

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After House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan (R-OH) tried to pressure C-SPAN into televising his hearing on Alvin Bragg, the network didn’t yield and said that would stream online.

C-SPAN tweeted in response to Jordan and other Republicans demanding that the hearing be televised:

FYI: For those of you commenting on @JudiciaryGOP hearing on crime in Manhattan, chaired by @Jim_Jordan, C-SPAN’s plan all along has been to livestream on the C-SPAN Now app &

— CSPAN (@cspan) April 14, 2023

We’ll see if Fox News or Newsmax shows the hearing live, but the whole point of doing the hearing was to generate mainstream media coverage that would be used to smear Alvin Bragg, taint a potential jury pool, and help Trump discredit the case against him.

Jordan, House Republicans, and conservative media have been trying to pressure C-SPAN into being ‘fair’ and televising the hearing.

The lack of C-SPAN television coverage is an indication of the perceived lack of newsworthiness of Jordan’s latest stunt.

There has been a shift in the media culture. Republicans are struggling to adjust their false narratives, conspiracy theories, and talking points into mainstream political dialogue.

Without their talking points being landed and elevated through coverage from respectable mainstream media, Republicans are trapped in their right-wing bubble where they preach to their supporters,

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