CEOs Offer Damning Assessment Of Trump’s Mental Decline

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Last updated on June 15th, 2024 at 01:44 pm

CEOs who were described as Trumpish came away from a meeting with the ex-president concerned that he was meandering and couldn’t keep a straight thought.

CNBC reported, “I will say I was surprised. I spoke to a number of CEOs who, I would say, walked into the meeting being Trump supporter-ish, or thinking that they might be leaning that direction, who said that he was remarkably meandering, could not keep a straight thought, was all over the map, and that they, which may be not surprising, but was interesting to me because these were people who I think might have been actually predisposed to him and actually walked out of the room Less predisposed to, I’m actually predisposed to thinking this is not necessarily, as one person said, this may not be any different or better than a Biden thought, if you’re thinking that way.”


Interesting from Andrew Sorkin – CEOs who were “Trump supporter-ish” and met with Trump yesterday came away concerned, because he was “remarkably meandering” and “could not keep a straight thought.”

— James Surowiecki (@JamesSurowiecki) June 14, 2024

The reporting is coming from not from MSNBC, but the much more conservative business network CNBC, and the people speaking about Trump’s mental state were not Democrats or liberals, but CEOs. Chief Executive Officers should be right in the Republican wheelhouse. As a group they have been generally supporting Republican presidential candidates for decades, so for these people to come away from a meeting with Trump concerned about his cognitive abilities is a giant red flag.

For nearly a decade, Donald Trump has refused to release his medical records. Voters don’t know what sort of health problems the ex-president could be hiding. In contrast, President Biden has released decades of his medical records and his last full physical.

Whatever Trump has been hiding, his condition has gotten to the point where it is manifesting itself in his speeches, appearances, and private events.

There are real questions about Trump’s cognitive fitness for the presidency, and voters deserve answers before they cast their ballots.

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