Chaos In The GOP As Marjorie Taylor Greene Refuses To Vote For Steve Scalise As Speaker

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is refusing to vote for Rep, Steve Scalise (R-LA) because he has cancer, which means that House Republicans are still in chaos.

Greene tweeted:

I just voted for Jim Jordan for Speaker on a private ballot in conference, and I will be voting for Jim Jordan on the House floor.

I like Steve Scalise, and I like him so much that I want to see him defeat cancer more than sacrifice his health in the most difficult position in Congress.

I lost my father to cancer and it’s a very serious battle.

We need a Speaker who is able to put their full efforts into defeating the communist democrats and save America.

We must stop funding foreign wars – Ukraine.

We must stop the weaponized government and hold them accountable.

We must secure our border.

We must protect our kids.

And we need a full leadership team dedicated to this fight in these unprecedented times.

Rep. Greene put all of her eggs in the Kevin McCarthy basket. Now that McCarthy has been booted out of power, Greene has also lost her power and influence. Greene’s tweet should be viewed as a sign that it is not a sure thing that Scalise will become Speaker. The odds are that Greene is looking for a deal and more power. It is well known that she wants to be Donald Trump’s running mate, and she had herself in a position to at least be considered with McCarthy as the speaker.

Many members of the House Republican caucus want to make no more deals with MAGA.

Scalise is on track to become the next Speaker of the House, but if Greene and others decide to blow it up, there could be nothing but chaos at a time when the nation needs a functioning House.

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