Chris Christie Warns That Trump Is Getting Crazier As The Walls Close In

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Chris Christie warned on Sunday morning that Trump is getting crazier because he knows the walls are closing in.

Video of Christie:

Chris Christie says Trump is getting crazier, “Donald Trump realized the walls are closing in and he’s becoming crazier.”

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) December 17, 2023

Christie said on CNN’s State Of The Union:

My reaction is that he gets worse and worse by the day, Jake. And voters better start paying attention to exactly what he’s saying. He’s always been approving of Putin since the beginning of his presidency. That is something that he and I had regular arguments about going back to 2017. And the fact is that Vladimir Putin as an expert on democracy, this is a guy who doesn’t even know what democracy is and quite frankly has spent most of his life trying to undercut democracy all over the world and Donald Trump citing him as his expert witness that he’s being persecuted and is innocent.

Look, this is a guy who just believes woe is me and I can’t believe I got caught. But let’s remember something, everybody needs to know this. This is not Vladimir Putin on the witness stand in Washington, D.C. This spring, it is not some left-wing prosecutor making the case, Mark Meadows, his former chief of staff has accepted immunity. I did this for seven years.

The reason he’s accepted is because he’s admitted he has committed crimes himself or he wouldn’t need immunity. And he’s going to testify that Donald Trump committed crimes on his watch. A founder of the Freedom Caucus, his former chief of staff who he called the next James Baker. Donald Trump realized the walls are closing in and he’s becoming crazier. And now he’s citing Vladimir Putin as a character witness, a guy who is a murderous thug around the world.

Christie closed his comments by saying that it is time to send Trump back to Mar-a-Lago.

Chris Christie isn’t just running against Trump. He has worked with Trump and has known him for decades, so when Christie says that Trump is getting crazier, this is someone who would know.

Later in the same interview, Chris Christie criticized Nikki Haley and Republicans in Congress for enabling Trump and committed to staying in the presidential race for the long haul.

Trump’s language is getting more overtly racist and fascist because he has realized that his only path to avoiding a criminal conviction is through winning the White House, so he is pulling out all of the stops.

Donald Trump is cozying up to Putin because he needs Putin’s help to regain power.

Christie is right. Voters need to listen, because after eight years of Trump being on the political scene, it is a fact that the man isn’t a kidder, and his threats are not empty.

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