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Colorado Ruling Is Being Used To Try To Get Trump Disqualified In Michigan

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Plaintiffs in the appeal to the Michigan Supreme Court have submitted the Colorado Supreme Court ruling to boost their case to boot Trump off the ballot.

Here is the Notice of Supplemental Authority that the plaintiffs in Michigan filed with the Supreme Court:


This is what Trump and the Republican Party are so afraid of. Once their likely presidential nominee got kicked off the ballot in one state, the possibility grows for the situation to snowball. If multiple states remove Trump from the ballot, the argument before the Supreme Court becomes more difficult for the former president and his allies.

The Supreme Court isn’t a lock to rule in favor of Trump for one reason. Although the presidency is a federal office, the presidential election is not federal. Instead, it is a series of individual elections administered by the states.

Congress has the power to determine the election’s date, time, and place under the Constitution. Congress has much more power to regulate Senate and House elections. If the conservative majority sticks to its states’ rights stance, it could rule that Trump’s disqualification is a state matter, not a federal one, and leave it up to each state to make its own decision.

If the Michigan Supreme Court were to disqualify Trump, that would be a devastating blow. Trump would not be able to compete for Electoral College votes in a critical swing state.

The damn has cracked on Trump’s disqualification, and now Republicans are hoping to avoid a flood.

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