Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Court Cases Could Cost Republicans The House

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A series of court cases that are leading to newly drawn congressional maps could have Democrats in a position to take back the House before a single vote is cast in 2024.

Politico reported:

The fundamentals of the 2024 campaign are still taking shape, but one thing is already clear: A flurry of court actions might cost Republicans the House majority.

In the past nine days, state and federal judges threw out two congressional maps — and helped Democrats avoid a worst-case scenario in Ohio — kicking off an unusually busy redistricting calendar heading into the election year.

All told, a dozen or more seats across at least six states could be redrawn, increasing the likelihood Democrats could chip away the five-seat GOP House majority through redistricting alone.

Democrats have had court victories in the South that could lead to new majority-minority districts in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and Louisana. Democrats are projected to pick up several redrawn House seats in New York, and even with Republicans expected to gerrymander North Carolina, Democrats are expected to be in a position to make Hakeem Jeffries the next Speaker of the House before a single ballot is cast in 2024.

Not only will representation be restored for voters who had their districts taken away through GOP gerrymandering, but those voters are also expected to send more black representatives to Washington, DC.

When this happens, it will be good for democracy and the country, as representation will be restored, and Republicans will be removed from the House majority.

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