Thursday, July 25, 2024

Dean Phillips Issues A Kind Endorsement Of Biden As He Drops Out

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Dean Phillips officially ended his presidential campaign and spoke kindly of President Biden while endorsing him.

Rep. Phillips posted:

In 2011, I hosted then VP Biden at my home. Most notable was his empathy and kindness to my daughters and the catering staff, with whom he sat and had ice cream (surprise-surprise). His decency and wisdom were rarities in politics then, and even more so today.

Over a decade later, the only thing that has changed is time – which slows all of us down a bit, including presidents.

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I ran for Congress in 2018 to resist Donald Trump, I was trapped in the Capitol in 2021 because of Donald Trump, and I ran for President in 2024 to resist Donald Trump again – because Americans were demanding an alternative, and democracy demands options.

But it is clear that alternative is not me. And it is clear that Joe Biden is OUR candidate and OUR opportunity to demonstrate what type of country America is and intends to be.

To all who supported my effort, thank you. We will continue the important work to ensure a more responsive, democratic, and generationally diverse political system. But today, in light of the stark reality we face, I ask you join me in mobilizing, energizing, and doing everything you can to help keep a man of decency and integrity in the White House. That’s Joe Biden.

Let’s use invitation, not confrontation, to welcome Haley supporters, Trump supporters, and Uncommitted supporters to get this done. It’s our calling, it’s our legacy, and and it’s our time. Onward with joy and patriotism!

I firmly believe that primary challenges strengthen incumbents, but Rep. Phillips seems to have trusted polls that showed Democrats wanting an alternative to President Biden. In reality, Democratic primary voters were happy with Biden and showed their support in the polls.

Phillips’ statement was the opposite of what Nikki Haley said as she dropped out. Haley didn’t endorse Trump and made generalizations about unity.

Dean Philips put himself with President Biden and reversed his criticisms about Biden’s age.

It is time for the Democratic Party to unify against the Trump threat to democracy and move forward to November.

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