Democrats To Release Specifics From Trump’s Tax Returns

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House Democrats on the Ways and Means Committee are expected to release specifics from Donald Trump’s tax returns.

Politico reported:

Neal’s Committee could vote privately to make them public, and that’s what the Massachusetts Democrat wants his colleagues to consider in a closed-door meeting now set for Tuesday at 3 p.m.

Democrats intend to release specifics from the returns, though what exactly will be unveiled is unclear. They could release Trump’s entire returns or perhaps something more limited, such as a summary.

Tax returns are protected under privacy laws unless the House Ways and Means Committee votes to make them public, which is what the Committee is intending to do.

With the 1/6 Committee set to release its report on Monday, and the Ways and Means Committee voting on Tuesday, it could be a nightmare week for Donald Trump.

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It is expected that the Ways and Means Committee won’t step on the 1/6 Committee’s report, so information about Trump’s tax returns will be released before the House leaves for the holidays.

The information that the committee releases could be worse than embarrassing. Given how the cases are unfolding both in Manhattan and with the New York State Attorney General, there is a good possibility that the details that are released will point to Trump’s financial fraud.

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