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Disaster For Fox News As Lara Trump Admits Trump Lost Swing States

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Lara Trump said that the Republican Party needed to get swing states back, which is an admission that Trump lost.

Lara Trump said when asked by Maria Bartiromo on Fox News about which states the RNC is targeting, “Well, listen, every state matters obviously. But there are the key battleground states I think is as Michael mentioned that we really do have to focus on Pennsylvania is absolutely one of those states. We also have to focus on states like Arizona, Wisconsin, and Michigan, a state that was a huge win for Donald Trump in 2016. I think we can get back under our belt Georgia. A state that Donald Trump also wants to focus is highly on. You’re gonna see another huge fundraising haul out of that state next week as well from President Trump. And so listen,  all the battleground states were highly focused on their 19 key counties around the country we must win in order to ensure Donald Trump becomes the 47th president.”


Lara Trump goes off message big time and seems to admit Trump lost swing states, “Pennsylvania is absolutely one of those states. We also have to focus on states like Arizona, or Wisconsin, Michigan…I think we can get back under our belt.”

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— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) April 7, 2024

There was no conversation about the RNC helping House and Senate candidates, or state Republican parties that are in distress. The conversation when Lara Trump was asked about targeting was all about helping her father in law win back the White House.

Donald Trump’s standard line is that he won all of those swing states in 2020, but they were stolen from him. Trump uses this line at every campaign event, so for Lara Trump to suggest that the Republican Party has to win those states back suggests that they were lost by Donald Trump in 2020, which is quite a departure from the family line when discussing the 2020 election.

Trump’s big fundraising haul was a conservative billionaire-funded mirage. Some key data points aren’t unknown, like how many donors maxed out at this one event and how much of the money is going to the RNC, Trump’s legal, defense, and Trump’s campaign.

The Biden campaign is exponentially better shape than the Trump campaign, and as the nation has learned over the past decade, never take anything that comes out of Trump world at face value.

Lara Trump’s departure from the 2020 election talking points is a disaster for Fox News as they were a puncture in the false bubble that Donald Trump is still a winner.

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