Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Dominion Completely Destroys The Fox ‘News’ Façade

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In a 192-page legal filing, Dominion Voter Systems shattered any journalistic claims that Fox News had with messages revealing that Fox News is a political organization.

Rupert Murdoch wrote in an email in the Dominion filing, “Meanwhile, Fox continued to broadcast its lies about Dominion as it nervously eyed Newsmax. In a November 16 email,Rupert Murdoch told Scott to read a Wall Street Journal piece about Newsmax, telling her: These people should be watched, if skeptically. Trump will concede eventually, and we should concentrate on Georgia, helping in any way we can. We don’t want to antagonize Trump further, but Giuliani is taken with a large grain of salt. Everything at stake here.”

Everything at stake here. Journalists and news organizations that are legitimate don’t work in service of an outcome regarding who wins and loses elections. The job of a journalist is to gather and report information, and journalism does not help “in any way” it can.

Fox News has been caught admitting its motivation internally that it isn’t in the journalism business. Fox News is a political organization pretending to be a news organization to help Republicans win elections.

The main goal of Fox News is to help Republicans win.

You will never see statements like this coming from MSNBC, CNN, or television networks. Corporate media puts profits above all else, which is its own problem, but Fox is the only cable network that has a political agenda and sees its mission as getting members of one political party elected.

The news on Fox is used to deliver a partisan political agenda that will help to get Republicans elected.

Over the years the perception of Fox News has shifted from it being a conservative network to it being a biased network, to state-run TV under Trump to now not being a news network at all.

Fox ‘News’ is a political operation that should be removed from the journalistic community, because journalism is not their purpose.

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