Even Trump Supporters Outside Of Mar-a-Lago Are Refusing To Protest

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Trump’s call for protest is being rejected by his supporters, including those outside of Mar-a-Lago.


A Trump supporter adamantly denies that they are protesting as Trump asked outside of Mar-a-Lago. When asked what they were going to do if Trump is indicted, she said, “Nothing.” She said they will have a party because the whole thing is a joke. pic.twitter.com/dHKz560PGC

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) March 21, 2023

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NBC News reporter Vaughn Hillyard caught up with a Trump supporter named Debbie outside of Mar-a-Lago, and he asked, “When you saw Donald Trump call for a protest, what does — ”

Debbie interrupted, “No protest. We’re not protesting. No protest. We’re supporting the president.”

Hillyard continued, “If he’s indicted, what should the response be from supporters like you?”

Debbie gave the answer that Trump doesn’t want to hear, “Nothing. We’ll just have a party and laugh and go off because it’s ridiculous.”

Trump supporter Debbie refused to call what she was doing a protest because the idea that Trump supporters will be arrested if they protest has been spreading like wildfire on the right.

The response from his own supporter suggests that while will she vote for him, she doesn’t consider the criminal charges in New York worth protesting over.

Trump thought that he could incite another 1/6 to stop his criminal indictment, but the exact opposite has happened. Protests might still happen, but it looks like they will not be as large or dangerous as what the former president hoped or wanted.

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