Saturday, June 15, 2024

Even Trump’s Endorsements Are Backfiring On Him

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Rep. Rich McCormick (R-GA) endorsed Trump but then spoke about how Republicans blew up the national debt while Trump was president.

CNN’s Jake Tapper asked McCormick, ” Let’s take one issue: debt. Donald Trump the national debt went up $1 trillion. What makes you think he would do anything about debt?”

Rep. McCormick answered, “We look at different parties and what we stand for. The conservative movement is about controlling debt. We did a horrible job at holding the party accountable when we had control of the Senate and the House and the presidency. That was my biggest concern and criticism of that administration. I addressed this, and I backed Desantis because I thought he took the debt seriously. For sure, Trump takes the debt more seriously than Biden. I think he has learned his lesson, and he is the conservative in this race, and he will do a better job on controlling debt and the Democrats.”


Trump just promised that if he returns to the White House, he wants even bigger tax cuts for corporations. It was the Trump tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations that blew up the debt the last time Republicans were in charge of the government,

Trump didn’t learn his lesson on the debt, but it speaks volumes about Trump’s weakness as a candidate when even the people who endorsed him criticize him.

President Biden got a glowing endorsement from the UAW on Wednesday, while the best that Trump’s endorsers can come up with is basically, ‘Yeah, he sucks, but Biden is worse.’

Even Trump’s endorsements are managing to go wrong.

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