Thursday, July 25, 2024

Fox News Caught Editing Biden To Distract From Trump’s Cognitive Issues

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Fox News claimed that Biden appeared to forget Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas’s name, but the truth is Fox edited out Biden’s mention of Mayorkas’s name.

Acyn posted the two clips side by side:

Two clips.

Clip one: Fox airs edited video of Biden suggesting he forgot Mayorkas’ name.

Clip two: The part they excluded with Biden addressing Mayorkas by name

— Acyn (@Acyn) June 19, 2024

Fox News reported that Biden “appeared” to forget the name of Sec. Mayorkas.

The reason that Biden appeared to forget the name of Mayorkas was because Fox News edited out the part of the video where the President introduced the Secretary of Homeland Security.

It is not a coincidence that Fox is trying to make Biden appear to be in cognitive decline as reports are growing that Donald Trump is having serious memory and cognitive issues. Trump is having trouble remembering things and claimed during an interview that Joan Rivers voted for him two years after she died.

This is the sort of ugly campaigning that Republicans and their media are turning to because they know that their nominee is a convicted felon with alleged cognitive issues. The GOP is trying to shift attention away from the long list of liabilities that come with Trump and hoping to distract the American people with a false narrative about Joe Biden.
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