Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Fox News Loses Big As Judge Rules They Have No 1st Amendment Protection In Dominion Lawsuit

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A judge has rejected Fox News’s argument that they are protected by the First Amendment and found that the Dominion lawsuit can go to trial.

CNBC reported, “Judge Eric Davis of Delaware’s Superior Court rejected Fox’s arguments that it should bypass a trial since it’s protected by the First Amendment. The judge granted some of the voting machine maker’s motions, with the exception of its argument that Fox and its hosts acted with malice in broadcasting false claims about the 2020 presidential election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.”

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The judge did reject Dominion’s motion to get a judgment without a trial, but Fox has been claiming that they were practicing jourNews’s and protected by the First Amendment when they spread lies about Dominion voting machines and other election conspiracy theories involving Dominion.

The ruling on Friday is another step in the destroying of Fox News’s pretense of journalism. There are journalists working at Fox News, but the evidence suggests that executives and anchors knew that the Dominion voting machine conspiracies they put on the air were false, but the network showcased them anyway because they were afraid of losing viewers to Newsmax and OAN.

Even if Fox News loses the Dominion lawsuit, it will not be put out of business, but the Dominion lawsuit has exposed Fox News, and it is limited how much of an audience it will be able to develop beyond Republicans and the conservative media bubble.

Donald Trump’s indictment is getting all of the attention, but things are also not looking so good for Fox News.

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