Thursday, July 25, 2024

Gag Order Imposed On Criminal Defendant Trump In Manhattan

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Trump has been slapped with a gag order in the Manhattan hush money/election interference case that will stop him talking about everyone but the judge and prosecutor.

CNN reported:

A New York judge has imposed a gag order on Donald Trump, limiting the former president from making statements about potential witnesses in the criminal trial relating to hush money payments scheduled to begin next month.

Judge Juan Merchan also said that Trump can’t make statements about attorneys, court staff or the family members of prosecutors or lawyers intended to interfere with the case. Trump is also barred from making statements about any potential or actual juror.

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The former president, Merchan wrote, has a history of making “threatening, inflammatory, denigrating” statements against people at all levels of the justice system, including jurors.

Trump is also banned from speaking about Stomy Daniels and Michael Cohen, which will drive him insane, because they are two of his biggest triggers, especially Cohen.

Donald Trump is an expert at attempting to contaminate jury pools, so gag orders against him, as he continues to survive in the national political discourse should be a given.

The message being sent by the judge is that the ex-president is not going to be allowed to turn the Manhattan criminal trial into a rally stage for his presidential campaign, or  circus that he will use to fundraise off of.

It is a moment that millions of Americans have been waiting for. Defendant Trump is about to go on trial for some of his alleged crimes.

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