Georgia Senate Republicans Are Coming After Fani Willis To Protect Trump

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Georgia Senate Republicans are using a new law to try to launch an investigation that will punish Fulton County DA Fani Willis and protect Trump.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported:

Georgia Senate Republicans filed a formal complaint to punish Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis after she sought charges against former President Donald Trump under a new law aimed at sanctioning “rogue” prosecutors.

The complaint contends Willis “improperly cherry-picked cases to further her personal political agenda” and asks the newly formed Prosecuting Attorneys Qualification Commission to initiate an investigation and take “appropriate measures” to sanction her.

“The integrity of our justice system is at stake, and the trust of the community in the District Attorney’s Office has been severely eroded,” states the complaint, which a group of eight state senators submitted hours after the law took effect Oct. 1.

The reason why the Georgia state senate is so motivated to silence Willis is that she has already indicted one Georgia state senator in the Trump investigation, and she could indict the president of the senate, who is also the Lt. Governor.

Senate Republicans have a personal motivation to get rid of Willis.

It was well known that Georgia Senate Republicans were going to try a stunt like this because they are under pressure to protect Trump.

Innocent people don’t need to have prosecutors removed or fired, which is something the self-named ‘law and order party’ should think about as they try to save Donald Trump.

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