GOP Disaster As Just 5% Of Americans Want Biden Investigation

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A recent poll from Suffolk University revealed that just 5% of Americans want House Republicans to investigate the Biden administration.

According to the Suffolk University Poll on 2023 national issues, investigating the Biden administration ranks seventh on the list of national priorities with only 5% support.

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If House Republicans try to make an issue out of investigating Biden, they will be quickly seen through by the vast majority of Americans as the same poll also found that 51% of respondents said that any investigations into Biden are a political effort to embarrass the Biden administration, and 38% expressed the belief that the investigations are an appropriate way to hold Biden accountable.

Thirty-eight percent is a key number in US public opinion polling because it represents the top end of Republican support. Typically the Republican view comes in at 35%-38% in polls.

The fact that just 38%feel that Biden investigations are appropriate suggests that the support is almost all in the Republican Party.

House Republicans are unlikely to be able to pass any serious or meaningful legislation with their four-seat majority. They are counting on keeping the base happy with investigations into Biden, but the nation as a whole sees investigating as a low priority, so every minute that Jim Jordan and his Republican colleagues spend investigating Biden will contribute to their failure and downfall.

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