GOP House Majority Cut To 1 Seat As Rep. Mike Gallagher Screws Republicans

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Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) announced that he will be leaving the House before his term ends, but due to Wisconsin law, his seat will stay empty until November.

CBS News reported:

Gallagher, who represents Wisconsin’s 8th Congressional District, said he would leave Congress on April 19, instead of staying until January to complete his term. His departure means Republicans can lose only one vote if all Democrats stick together.

“I’ve worked closely with House Republican leadership on this timeline and look forward to seeing Speaker Johnson appoint a new chair to carry out the important mission of the Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party,” he said in a statement.

The problem for Republicans is that Wisconsin law states that congressional vacancies that occur before the second Tuesday in April qualify for being filled on a faster timeline. After the second Tuesday in April, the seat will stay vacant until the November election.

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House Republicans are now one vote away from losing their majority. If a member gets sick, is absent, or another Republican abruptly quits, the House GOP will no longer be the majority.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s motion to vacate is a big problem for House Republicans, but they could just as easily lose their majority by another frustrated person giving up and abandoning ship.

It would be fitting if this group of Republicans lost their majority before election day.

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