GOP Scam Crumbles As FBI Doc Does Not Say Biden Received A Bribe

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The FBI document that House Oversight Committee Republicans viewed in the SCIF does not say that Joe Biden received any bribes or payouts.

Chad Pergram of Fox News tweeted:

Source familiar with the FBI document reviewed by Oversight Cmte mbrs today tells Fox the following: “To be clear, the document does not say Joe Biden received any payments.”

— Chad Pergram (@ChadPergram) June 8, 2023

House Oversight Committee Republicans are accusing President Biden of taking a bribe from Burisma, but the document that they are using as evidence doesn’t say that Biden took a bribe from anybody. Marjorie Taylor Greene claimed that the informant said that the owner of Burisma said that he had proof that a payment was made to Joe Biden, but the document doesn’t say that Biden took any payments.

The claims that Republicans are making are based on Russian disinformation that was fed to Rudy Giuliani as part of the Russian effort to interfere in the 2020 election for Trump.

House Republicans are running a scam to smear Joe Biden and boost Donald Trump.

The whole story that they are pushing in 2o23 was debunked in 2020.

Republicans can’t find anything new to use against Biden, so they are pulling out the failed 2020 retreads.

Trump is likely facing federal indictment at any time, so it is clear that his allies in the House are trying to distract the country from what is certain to be a gigantic story.

The GOP con job is failing as badly as their efforts to prop up the soon-to-be federally indicted former president.

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