Hakeem Jeffries on ‘The Liar and The Loser’ Cover: “The Thing Speaks for Itself”

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“The thing speaks for itself,” Democratic House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries said, showing his Democratic Caucus the cover of the New York Daily News labeling George Santos and Kevin McCarthy “the liar and the loser.”

“Meanwhile, in House Democrat Land… Minority Leader Jeffries showed the caucus the NY Daily News cover from today. “The thing speaks for itself,” he said.

Heather Caygle of Punchbowl reported:

Meanwhile, in House Dem Land… Minority Leader Jeffries showed the caucus the @NYDailyNews cover from today

“The thing speaks for itself,” he said. pic.twitter.com/dRbOj7IZl4

— Heather Caygle (@heatherscope) January 4, 2023

When the media tried, once again, to lay Republican dysfunction at the feet of Democrats to fix, Jeffries responded, “We are looking for a willing partner to solve problems for the American people, not save the Republicans from their dysfunction. We need a partner in governance to build upon the incredible progress that we made for the American people over the last few years, by the way, with a similar majority.”

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Democrats aren’t going to be bullied into cleaning up the Republican mess yet again, after a decade of doing just that.

As hard as it is to watch Republicans in such dramatic and dysfunctional disarray, every parent knows there comes a time when they need to let their child fail so the child can grow.

And that time has long since arrived for Republicans.

Since there is no one left in their own party in the House with the courage to stand up to them, Democrats will once again be the grown ups in the room. But this time it’s tough love. No more enabling.

Jeffries is coming out of the gate already prepared and on point. Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, the most effective speaker in our lifetime, didn’t just leave her caucus hanging when she stepped back. Instead, she trained Jeffries first, and he smartly chose to learn from her (the best), because Democrats are (currently) not clowns.

Democrats are showing how it should be done when professional, serious people with policy ideas take the reins. Imagine what we could be getting done if the Republican Party were not the diseased, hate-ridden, organized crime operation it has willingly become.

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