Saturday, June 15, 2024

House Republican Bid To Censure Adam Schiff Crashes And Burns

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A coalition of House Republicans and Democrats came together to kill a resolution that would have censured Rep. Adam  Schiff.

A resolution to table the censure resolution passed 225-196-7 with 20 Republicans joining Democrats to kill the bid to censure Rep. Schiff.


House Democrats and Republicans kill effort to censure Adam Schiff 225-196-7.

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) June 14, 2023

This was not the first attempt to censure Rep. Schiff to get revenge for Trump. In 2019, House Republicans tried to censure Schiff and lost. 

The resolution read:

If it is determined by an investigation conducted by the committee on ethics that Representative Schiff laid, made misrepresentations and abused sensitive he should be fined in the amount of $16 million. One, the House of Representatives censures and condemns Adam Schiff, Representative 30th congressional district that is not be fitting and elected member of the House of Representatives. Two, Representative Schiff will present himself in the well of the House of Representatives for the pronouncement of creance sur. Three, Representative Schiff will be sense occurred and four, the Committee of Ethics shall conduct an investigation for lies and abuse of sensitive information.

Trump and his MAGA House loyalists were again denied their revenge on Rep. Schiff for daring to lead the first impeachment of Donald Trump. Kevin McCarthy took the unprecedented step of blocking Schiff from the House Intelligence Committee.

Adam Schiff is one of the leading candidates for the US Senate in California, so it looks like he may have the last laugh by getting promoted to the Senate while Kevin McCarthy and those who tied their fortunes to Trump lose their majority in 2024.

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