House Republican Chaos Is Blocking A Bill To Help Israel

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Rep. Jason Crow (D-CO) said that because Republicans have no speaker, the House can’t pass a bill to help Israel.

Crow told MSNBC’s  Jen Psaki:

First off, this breathtaking and horrible attack on Israel by terrorists, we haven’t seen anything like this. It’s unprecedented, it’s depraved. You know, the images and stories coming out of Israel show you what these terrorists are capable of. And so the United States stands by the people of Israel full stop in the days and weeks ahead, they are our strongest ally in the region and we will stand by them. But it does show the challenge that we face right now. I mean, the world is an unstable place. There’s a lot of conflict going on. We have to continue to stand by Ukraine.

We have to make sure we’re responding to these attacks in Israel, to our partner and to our ally and right now the House of Representatives is, is in recess. We’re in recess because the Republicans have been unable to select a speaker where that, that, which means we’re not getting the briefings. We can’t have the debates and we can’t actually start the process of putting together aid packages to Ukraine into Israel and to others to respond to these crises.

Video of Rep. Crow:

Republicans claim to love Israel, but they are so dysfunctional that they can’t do the basic things like pass an aid bill when Americans are reportedly being held hostage in the country. Republican chaos is endangering American lives, so for all of the flag-waving that House Republicans are attempting to do today, their inability to govern is jeopardizing lives and national security.

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