House Republicans Admit They Are Blocking Border Bill To Hurt Biden’s Approval Rating

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A House Republican told reporters that the reason why they are blocking a bill to help with the border is because it will keep Biden’s approval rating low.


GOP Rep. Troy Nehls says backing a Senate border deal now would help Joe Biden’s approval ratings.

“Why would we do anything right now to help him with that 33 percent?”

— Manu Raju (@mkraju) February 1, 2024

Rep. Troy Nehls (R-TX) told CNN, “Why would we do anything right now to help her with that 33%? Do you believe if Joe Biden’s approval rating was at 53%, we would even be talking about the border? We won’t be talking about the southern border, but he has to do something because he’s hemorrhaging. He’s bleeding. So what he’s going to try to do is try to come up with some border security plan bipartisan through the Senate.”

House Republicans are admitting that the “border crisis” isn’t really about the border. The border crisis is an attempt to keep President Biden’s approval rating low, so that the GOP has a better chance of winning the election in November.

Republicans view the border bill as nothing, but politics. The motivation to pass the bill because it might be good for the country, which would make it good for them doesn’t exist.

House Republicans are willing to damage America to hurt Joe Biden’s approval rating, as they seem to have forgotten that they are being paid to govern, not use the Congress as an electoral platform.

Republicans got everything they wanted reportedly in the border bill and still said no, because the border is really about Biden.

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