House Republicans Crushed As The Senate Takes Away Their Big Chip To Hold Biden Hostage

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Any hopes that House Republicans had of provoking a government shutdown and an economic crisis when they took back the majority vanished with the bipartisan government funding bill.

Senate Majority Leader Schumer said on the Senate floor on Tuesday:

I have good news. With days left before Christmas, Democrats and Republicans reached an omnibus agreement at 1:15 AM early this morning.

In the very early hours of the morning, Chairman Leahy and Ranking Member Shelby released a long-sought, bipartisan, bicameral Omnibus Appropriations bill for fiscal year 2023. The omnibus is the last thing we have to do to close out a very successful 117th Congress, and we’ve taken another step, a major step, towards reaching the goal line.

After a lot of hard work, this package represents an aggressive investment in American families, American workers, and America’s national defense. It will give our troops a raise, make health care more affordable for millions, and it fulfills the promise Democrats made to defend democracy at home and abroad through the ECA.

It was no easy feat to piece this bill together, and if our amazing appropriator staff need a quick power nap at their desks this morning, no one is going to blame them.

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In practical terms, this bill means that the House Republicans will have to wait a year to pick a potential government shutdown fight with President Biden. The extra year also means that any drama caused by House Republicans will spill into the 2024 election year.

House Republicans were targeting 2023 because they wanted to make a big publicity getting splash with their new majority while having enough time for any potential government shutdown backlash to blow over. If House Republicans try to shut down the government next year at this time, they will be doing so with the ticking 2024 election clock hanging over their heads.

Republicans in the House were taking shots at Republican Senators for cutting a bipartisan deal, but the Senate did what is right for the country, and ignored the GOP desire for economic hostage-taking games.

The omnibus agreement is a good day for America.

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