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House Republicans Have A Huge Problem As Criminal Investigation Requested Of Representative-Elect George Santos

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A New York State legislator has made a request to the Department of Justice for an investigation into Representative-elect George Santos (R-NY).

The Long Island Press reported:

Nassau County Legislator Josh Lafazan (I-Woodbury) says he has submitted a letter to the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York that requests a federal investigation into Santos’ finances and campaign activity, which were called into question in a New York Times investigation published Monday. Lafazan has also requested that the House Ethics Committee conduct an investigation.

“Yesterday I joined with civic leaders from across District 3 in calling on Mr. Santos to answer for his past fraudulent behavior, and to immediately resign,” Lafazan said. “However in the 24 hours since, Mr. Santos has chosen not to refute one single allegation. He has remained silent, shielded by his lawyer, and hiding from the public. In fact, nobody can answer this one simple question: Where is Mr. Santos?”

House Republicans have a tiny four-seat majority. The GOP majority will be reduced by 25% if Santos is indicted or forced to resign. House Republicans are just a few scandals or unforeseen events away from losing their majority.

Santos has turned into a significant problem for House Republicans. Rep.-elect Santos has vanished, and he has not provided any sort of explanation for The New York Times story.

The scandal is building. Republicans will stand behind Santos because they need his vote, but if he has to resign or is indicted, it will be a significant blow to the GOP House majority.

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