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House Republicans Hit A New Low By Censuring Rep. Jamaal Bowman For Pulling A Fire Alarm

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It seems that House Republicans can’t do anything, but censure Democrats. Before fleeing Washington, D.C., House Republicans voted to censure Rep. Jamaal Bowman for pulling a fire alarm.

The final vote was 214-191-5


House Republicans censure Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) for pulling a fire alarm.

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) December 7, 2023

Rep. Bowman (D-NY) pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor for pulling the alarm that he claimed he thought was to open a door while he was on the way to a vote. Bowman has to pay a $1,000 fine and write a letter of apology to the Capitol Police.

Bowman pulled the alarm on the day that the House was voting on a continuing resolution to keep the government open. Rep. Bowman is the third Democrat to be censured this year after Reps. Adam Schiff (D-NY) and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI).

House Republicans have not funded the government or passed aid to Ukraine and Israel, but at least they can censure a guy for pulling a fire alarm.

The current Republican majority is the most pointless House majority in history.

The Republicans are capable of doing nothing but engaging in acts of petty retribution.  The country and the world have serious problems, but House Republicans are more interested in censure resolutions and bogus impeachments than doing the job that the Constitution requires.

It is not Rep. Bowman who should be embarrassed, but the entire nation for the daily disgrace that is the House Republican majority.

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