House Republicans Move To Increase Crime With New Bill To Defund Law Enforcement

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House Republicans introduced a new appropriations bill that would defund key law enforcement programs that reduce crime.

According to the House Appropriations Committee Republicans, here is what their funding bill would do:

– Holding the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) accountable for targeting everyday Americans by cutting its budget and mandating critical reforms.

– Prevents the FBI from developing a new headquarters building in the National Capitol Region by limiting its use of existing construction balances to the sustainment of the J. Edgar Hoover Building.

– Mandating that FBI interviews be recorded.

– Reversing anti-Second Amendment overreach by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), defunding the ATF’s rules on pistol braces and privately made firearms.

– Defunding Attorney General Garland’s October 4, 2021, memorandum to the FBI that targets parents for speaking out at school board meetings.

– Defunding Executive Order 14092, which calls for an assault weapons ban.

– Defunding efforts to federalize state and local policing practices.

-Reducing funds for certain DOJ litigating components in response to the DOJ’s abuse of the FACE Act.

– Increasing oversight of DOJ grant programs and funds.

– Eliminating unnecessary and wasteful programs.

The list from the House Appropriations Committee is lacking detail on the program eliminations and funding cuts.

The White House filled in the blanks with a statement from spokesperson Andrew Bates, “Yet again, this morning Republican officials attempted to defund law enforcement to the benefit of violent criminals and fentanyl traffickers, targeting federal agencies that are critical to stopping gun crime, terrorism, and child trafficking. This comes after 80% of House Republicans endorsed defunding the police by cutting the COPS program. Even though he inherited a skyrocketing murder rate from his predecessor, Joe Biden’s unprecedented funding for public safety – together with signing the first significant gun crime bill in three decades – has delivered the lowest violent crime rate in 50 years. President Biden is fighting to build on that progress by hiring 100,000 more police officers and passing the toughest bipartisan border security deal in modern history. Congressional Republicans need to work with Joe Biden against crime – not the other way around.”

When a political party is being run by a 34 time convicted felon, this is the sort of funding priorities that it develops.

The defunding of federal law enforcement helps criminals and increases crime. House Republicans and Trump have been trying to defund law enforcement for years.

President Biden will never sign a bill that defunds law enforcement, and this move by House Republicans is an obvious effort to hurt President Biden by attacking his successful record on reducing crime.

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