Impeachment Is So Important That House Republicans Have Fled D.C.

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House Republicans want to pretend that Biden impeachment is urgent, but it wasn’t urgent enough for them not to delay it for weeks over the holiday season.

Rep. Jared Moskowitz pointed out on the House floor yesterday:

And my colleagues, my Republican colleagues, are going to show you how important it is to them. They’re going to show you how much evidence they have supposedly uncovered. They’re going to show you how serious of an issue they think this is.

And you want to know why? Because as soon as we take this vote today, you know what they’re going to do? They’re going to break for three weeks. They’re going to run out of this place and leave for three weeks, even though it’s so important and it’s so overwhelming. And it is, the nation must be focused on this, that they are going to run away and leave Washington for three weeks.

It’s because there’s no evidence on Joe Biden. The only thing they have uncovered is that Joe Biden is the father of Hunter Biden. That’s it

Video of Rep. Jared Moskowitz:

MAGA Republicans want you to know that this Biden impeachment inquiry is SO important that they’re about to vote and then leave DC for 3 weeks. They are gonna vote and run away, out of town.

The only evidence they’ve uncovered is that Joe Biden is the father of Hunter Biden.

— Congressman Jared Moskowitz (@RepMoskowitz) December 13, 2023

Impeachment is so important that House Republicans and then ran home for Christmas. House Republicans didn’t take a vote on aid to Ukraine. They didn’t try to vote on a Ukraine/border package. They voted to formalize an impeachment investigation of President Biden, then ran home.

It might come as a shock to Republican members of the House, but working people in the United States don’t get three off of work for Christmas. Most people will be lucky to get a day or two off unless they are able to use some vacation time.

If impeachment is so vital to the nation, House Republicans should still be at work. The fact that they are not highlights an unserious impeachment authorized by unserious people.

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