In Press Conference Disaster Trump’s Lawyers Claimed He’s Not Threatening The Judge Then Ran Away

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Donald Trump’s lawyers met with the press, but when asked if their client was threatening the judge, they denied it and then ended the press conference.


When asked about threatening the judge, Trump’s legal team answered, “He is not going after the judge. He is not going after the judge. He commented he thought there were some issues that he thought may cause a conflict that’s not going after the That’s not threatening the judge. He’s not going after the judge he said with the D.A. He’s angry because the D.A. Brought a case that’s unjustified .”

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The press got one more question in about the booking process for Trump. The lawyers refused to answer and then ended the press conference. Earlier in the press conference Trump’s refused to say if they had told him to stop attacking the judging or posting attacks against the DA on social media.

Trump has never had a lawyer that could stop him from harming himself or his own case on social media. It is telling that Trump’s legal team is trying to put the toothpaste back in the tube by claiming that he is not attacking the judge. The last thing that they need is a gag order. It would take Donald Trump six seconds to violate it, and his legal problems would get even worse.

The former president and his legal team appear to be in disarray. When lawyers have to try to walk back their client’s attacks on social media, things are not going well.

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