Thursday, April 18, 2024

Indictment Crushes Trump As His Approval Rating Collapses To 25%

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Donald Trump’s approval rating has fallen from 34% to 25%, with more Americans believing that he should suspend his presidential campaign after being indicted.

Via: ABC News:

Slightly more Americans (48%) also believe Trump should suspend his bid for the White House, compared to the 43% who suggested so in the last ABC News/Ipsos poll. Again, independents were most likely to shift on this question, going from 41% saying he should suspend his campaign on April 1 to 52% now.

Views of Trump overall have taken a hit too, with only 25% thinking favorably of him, , down 10 points since right before the last presidential election.

If there is good news for Trump, it is that it is difficult to see his approval rating going much lower unless he is convicted of a felony before the election. The bad news for the Republican Party is that Trump’s support is hardcore, and they all will be showing up to vote in the party’s presidential primary next year.

All of the talk from Trump and his allies that being indicted will help him has proven to be a combination of empty bluster and total nonsense.

As president, Trump never had a single day with an approval rating over 50%, so his ceiling was lower than any presidential candidate in history.

If Trump’s approval rating stays at 25%, he probably couldn’t win a three-way contest for president, much less a head-to-head rematch with Joe Biden.

The indictment, and his arrest, have crushed Trump as a general election candidate, as Donald Trump has disproven the old cliche that there is no such thing as bad publicity.

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