It Is Trump Not Biden Who Is To Blame For The $6 Billion That Went To Iran

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Republicans are falsely claiming that Biden gave Iran $6 billion that funded the Hamas attack on Israel, but it was Trump who approved the $6 billion, which was not used in the Israel attack.

On September 18, 2023, CNN reported:

The money made accessible to Iran as a part of the deal are Iranian funds that have been held in restricted South Korean accounts. Sources told CNN the funds came from oil sales that were allowed and placed into accounts set up under the Trump administration.

The money is now available to the Iranian government for purchase of non-sanctionable items such as food and medicine. But it is not totally under the control of the Iranian government and will not reside in Iranian banks, according to the US.

Iran had the $6 billion in a South Korean bank, which Biden approved for humanitarian aid only, because Trump allowed Iran to sell the oil. The funding for the Hamas attack on Israel did not come from the deal that Biden made to bring American prisoners home from Iran.

Republicans are trying to twist facts to find a way to blame Biden for the attack on Israel.

However, the fact is that it was Trump who allowed the oil to be sold which netted the $6 billion. Biden attached strong humanitarian aid conditions to the funds and brought detained Americans home.

For his part, Biden said during a brief statement that the US will have Israel’s back and provide them with whatever they need.

Video of Biden:

Biden is not to blame for the attack on Israel. The facts don’t align with the fiction Republicans are trying to sell. If Republicans want to blame somebody for the existence of the $6 billion, that person is Donald Trump.

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