Ivanka Trump Can’t Hide From Testifying Against Her Dad

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Ivanka Trump is finding out the hard way that she can’t hide from testifying against her father.

CNN reported:

Ivanka Trump on Friday withdrew her appeal of a judge’s order requiring her to testify at her father’s civil fraud trial next week after an appellate court refused to pause her testimony.

She is scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday.

Ivanka Trump’s testimony comes after she was previously dismissed as a co-defendant in the New York case against former President Donald Trump, two of his adult sons and his company. Multiple attempts by her legal team to delay her testimony have been rebuffed.

Ivanka Trump tried to claim that since she has kids at home she couldn’t possibly come to Manhattan to testify during a school week. As if Ivanka Trump is a single mom working a middle-class job who couldn’t possibly get away, because who would watch the kids?

The excuse was embarrassingly weak, and the courts saw through it.

Ivanka Trump doesn’t want to testify in the fraud case because the New York Attorney General’s office has evidence that she was still involved with the Trump Organization long after she claimed to have separated from them. Ivanka Trump knows a lot, even if she expected to take the stand and use the same defense as her brothers that she had nothing to do with the family business.

No one tried harder in the Trump family to avoid testifying than Ivanka Trump, but as the rest of her family is slowly finding out, there is no forever hiding from accountability.

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