Jack Smith Is Reportedly Weighing Another 30-45 Charges Against Trump

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Federal prosecutors are reportedly considering filing another 30-45 criminal charges against Donald Trump that include evidence that the DOJ hasn’t acknowledged yet, including more Trump tapes.

The Independent reported:

According to sources familiar with the matter, the department has made preparations to bring what is known as a “superseding indictment” — a second set of charges against an already-indicted defendant that could include more serious crimes — against the ex-president, and could do so in a number of different venues, depending on how prosecutors feel the case they have brought against him in a Florida federal court is proceeding.


Prosecutors are now prepared to “stack” an “additional 30 to 45 charges” on top of the 37-count indictment brought against Mr Trump on 8 June. They would do so using evidence against the ex-president that has not yet been publicly acknowledged by the department, including other recordings prosecutors have obtained which reveal Mr Trump making incriminating statements.

If this reporting is accurate, it would appear to confirm what other legal experts have suggested. Special Counsel Jack Smith has a backup plan in case Judge Aileen Cannon goes off the rails again and tries to save Trump in Florida. The existence of potentially more tapes would be consistent with Trump’s presidency where he was surrounded by people who seemed to be constantly taping him and taking notes as a survival mechanism.

Experts had been curious as to why federal prosecutors did not bring charges against Trump in New Jersey for sharing classified information.

The answer could be that prosecutors are playing their cards close to the vest, and they aren’t going to show everything that they have in terms of evidence all at once.

The reporting is vague, so it is uncertain whether all of the potential charges would relate to the classified documents case or the 1/6 investigation into Trump.

Either way, Trump appears to be lacking an exit ramp, and if he continues to treat his situation like a political problem, he could end up facing new charges.

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