Thursday, April 18, 2024

Jamie Raskin And Oversight Committee Democrats Request Federal Investigation Into DHS IG For Destruction Of Government Records

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Ranking member Jamie Raskin (D-MD) and his fellow Oversight Committee Democrats have requested the opening of a federal investigation into the Homeland Security Inspector General for the destruction of government records.

Raskin and the Democrats wrote to the National Archivist  to  request an immediate federal investigation into Inspector General Joseph Cuffari after he admitted to destroying federal records:

We are deeply troubled by Mr. Cuffari’s flagrant disregard for the Federal Records Act, and we ask that you immediately conduct an investigation into his potential unlawful destruction of federal records and report your findings to our Committee.

It is also a violation of federal law to willfully remove or destroy federal records. It is unclear if Inspector General Cuffari followed federal law by copying or forwarding electronic messages to official accounts prior to deletion. However, Inspector General Cuffari stated he made the decision to delete messages unilaterally based on his own personal consideration of the messages.

Cuffari admitted at an Oversight Committee hearing last week that he deletes texts from his government-issued cell phone on a regular basis. The DHS Inspector General was installed by Trump and seems to treat government records in the same manner that the former president does.

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